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The Mombosan Son: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Vintage America

“…He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored; He hath loosed the fateful lightening of his terrible swift sword; His truth is marching on.”

Battle Hymn of the Republic

In 1944, America unanimously justified the sacrifice of my grandfathers’ blood, being shot and captured on the sands of Europe by Aryan-fascists who did not attack us, while they fought to free Europeans from an evil dictator, after suicide pilots from Japan murdered 3000 military personnel in a place that was not yet even a part of the United States.

Yet, now, in 2008, many in America refuse to honor my brothers’ blood, being blown up upon the sands of the Middle East by Islamo-fascists who did not attack us, while they are fighting to free Middle Eastern people from an evil dictator after suicide pilots from Saudi Arabia murdered 3000 civilians a place that is the iconic symbol of freedom and sanctuary in the United States.
Liberals and those opposing the 2003 military action against Saddam Hussein fail to understand the reasons for it. America engaged a three-fold campaign in response to repeated violations of 17 United Nations Security Council Resolutions beginning as far back as 1990. President of the Horowitz Freedom Center, David Horowitz wrote in June of 2004:

“Saddam Hussein was in violation of UN Resolution 1441 and 16 UN resolutions before that. Resolution 1441 authorized the use of force as of December 7, 2002, the deadline that had been set by the Security Council on November 8, 2002.”109

Coalition forces, led by the U.S. were warranted by the rules of international law to depose an insidious scourge of humanity and establish opportunity for an oppressed people to be free, while anchoring a military presence in a strategically optimal geopolitical region allowing for future action against nations of terrorists’ origins. We did not pick a fight with a nation, as proven by the response of a foreign, not domestic, insurgency in Iraq. We took an offensive position to destroy a rogue, murderous despot deserving far worse than the fair trial and merciful gallows he deprived his victims of for a quarter century.

America did not invade Iraq, as liberals ignorantly allege. A coalition of international forces engaged an enforcement campaign against a dictator who had broken international law and violated human rights for more than 25 years. When the final resolution (UNSCR 1441) ordering Hussein to disarm and comply with international investigators was violated, it was stated in the resolution that such a violation warranted immediate response, an option of which would come in the form of military force. Hussein was nothing more than a fugitive hiding from international justice. He just happened to choose to hide in Iraq.

Moreover, if the nation of Iraq was so opposed to the U.N.’s legal precedence prompting the destruction of Hussein’s regime and our subsequent international military presence there, they would have rejected subsequent democratic elections and the establishment of a government of their own choosing. But, they did not. The people of Iraq defied death threats from Islamic radicals and overwhelmingly engaged the electoral process in December, 2005 electing the most multi-representational parliament in the middle east seating 275 representatives from 15 different political parties. The election turned out nearly 80% of eligible voters in Iraq, far exceeding the highest turnout in America in modern history.115

The insurgency opposing foreign military presence in the Middle East did not come from inside Iraq. It originated from adjacent nations. Syrians, Iranians and Afghani Taliban, not Iraqis, are waging attacks on our military because they understand future acts of terrorism will be more difficult to prepare and implement if we have a military force in the region. Also, it has been forgotten that Saddam Hussein had previously used weapons of mass destruction on Kurdish villages in the late 1980’s. Hussein’s nerve gas attack on Halabja in March, 1988 left more than 5000 dead. But, interestingly, anti-Bush antagonists refuse to acknowledge such inconvenient facts.

James Terry, Chairman of the Board of Veteran’s Affairs wrote in the Naval War College Review:

“The determination by the Bush administration to enter Iraq and remove the regime of Saddam Hussein from power in early 2003 followed twelve years of Iraqi violations of United Nations Security Council resolutions. Prior to the decision by the United States and its coalition partners to intervene in Iraq with military force, Saddam Hussein had done everything possible to avoid complying with the will of the international community.”110

On October 2, 2002 Congressional Democrats passed a joint resolution authorizing the use of “all means, including military force”, to force Saddam Hussein to comply with international law. This was merely one of several actions taken by U.S. legislators to address Hussein’s repeated violations of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 678, 687 and 1441. Previously, Congress approved a similar resolution during the Clinton administration declaring that Hussein’s ongoing “…weapons of mass destruction programs threatened vital U.S. interests as well as international peace and security”110 As a result, Congress declared Hussein, with overwhelming bipartisan support, to be "in material breach of international obligations" urging President Clinton "to take all appropriate action, in accordance with the Constitution and relevant laws of the United States…” to force Hussein’s compliance with its international obligations."110

These legislative actions were not the only demands for immediate action against Saddam Hussein. Law makers also approved the Iraq Liberation Act, also during the Clinton administration in 1998, which states that it should be the policy of the United States to support efforts to remove the Iraqi regime from power and to promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime.

Terry continues this theme in his analysis:

“…The reasons for this strong congressional reaction to the Hussein regime rested not solely on defiance of United Nations resolutions but also on Saddam Hussein's repression of the Iraqi people, his support for international terrorism, his refusal to account for Gulf War prisoners and his refusal to return stolen property to Kuwait following the 1990-91 conflict, as well as the Baathist regime's efforts to circumvent economic sanctions.”110


Obama liberals have forgotten that America did not start this war. They believe that Muslim violence against America is justified because of America’s status as a prosperous superpower. They parse events to fit their political ideology while ignoring the facts for America’s justifiable reaction to our enemies. America’s decision to invade Saddam Hussein was warranted and correct. It achieved the primary objectives by ridding the world of a despot, freeing an oppressed people, providing an opportunity for a democratic government, and establishing a proactive terrorism reactionary force in the heart of the worlds terrorist incubator.

There is an ironic interconnection of relevance between Obama’s covert identity and the origins of our war on Muslim terrorism. One of the difficulties American society, as a whole, seems to have is coming to a decisive conclusion about the identity and our enemies based on the characteristics of their motivation. In earlier eras of human history, cultures battle over the right to live in a particular geographic region. However, modern war is fought over the right to believe particular religious doctrine.

As we proceed through this fight for our existence, we are failing to see that our enemies are Muslim. They are no longer defined only by the geography of their origins, they are defined by a system of beliefs and the diligence by which they practice those religious beliefs. Our enemies are defined by characteristics found in radical ideology, not their geographic location on earth. Our enemies can now come from Saudi Arabia or Australia. They can come from France or Canada. They can come from Africa or Japan. So, if America is to survive in this time of global terrorism, it must stop defining its enemies through the demography of geopolitical boundaries. Radical Islam only recognizes the borders which separate ideologies, not nations. Muslim jihadists do not respect each other’s boundaries in their unified hate against America, why would they respect our boundaries in their attempt to mingle in our midst and kill us?
America’s greatest impedance to victory is a lack of ability and willingness to disregard political correctness. America has disarmed itself through self deprecation. If America is to prevail in this fight, it must meet Muslim aggression with the same insidious tactic of obscuring our identity and feigning friendliness for our enemies as a means to gain the same psychological advantage over them that they use to gain over us. Our enemies understand that one of the primary strategies available to them is our mindless ineptitude to conceive that the Muslim world is not defined by national borders, first. The peoples of the Middle East respect national borders far less than they uphold unity in their religious doctrines.

Muslims laugh at liberals when they use terms like “right to invade” and “another nation” in reference to the Iraq liberation. They understand that as long as we anchor our security to an archaic myth of geography, terrorists will have a strategic advantage over us. Given the openness of American society combined with invisibility of Middle Eastern borders, terrorists are free to infest and attack their targets at will. The governments of Muslim cultures permit permeable migration for religious reasons, therefore, it is completely ignorant to believe they would prevent it during war. And, since we do not even have the will to prevent illegal immigration from our neighbors, how will we ever protect ourselves from terrorist invasion. Or, do Americans actually believe that Iran is not funding terrorism in every location possible, all over the world?

Political and military strategists call this an "asymmetrical conflict." In other words, we are allowing it to be unfair for ourselves by trying to stay within arbitrary boundaries of decency and by respecting rules that our enemy does not respect. Until America implements autonomous policies promoting global fluidity and self-declared rights to determine the measures of its own security, globally, the struggle against terrorism will be hindered by our reverence for geopolitical regions without a greater contempt for radicalized hostility rooted in the beliefs of the people within them. All Americans must accept the reality that, somewhere on planet earth, right now, at this very moment, while you read these words, radical Muslims are actively planning and preparing for the next opportunity to kill Americans. But most importantly, many liberal Americans fail to understand that America is not actively seeking to attack Muslims. Perhaps only when someone valued by liberals is murdered by a radical Muslim will they abandon their politically correct degeneracy and take the threat seriously with more vigorous prejudice.

At the time of Obama’s election in 2008, America’s homeland had been kept safe from terrorism for 7 years, 1 month, and 23 days. As many waited hours in line at polling stations on November 4, 2008, they had all but forgotten that tragic September day, when evil descended upon on us, murdering thousands and changing the identity of America forever. For vintage America, though, the death and blood and fight raged on, 6000 miles away.

As Obama took the place of George W. Bush, ideology had taken the place of unity. Derision had taken the place of unanimity. Domestic interests had taken the place of concerns over international threats. And, the memories of September 11th, 2001 were fading from the minds of the liberal establishment. For the lives of the common Democrat, all things had returned to the way they were on September 10, 2001.

On November 4, 2008, those who lost touch with reasons to fear terrorism, received into themselves a hatred for those responsible for providing the security they enjoyed this election day. They gathered in masses, ironically, just as the innocent targets of terrorists had on 9-11. However, unlike the murdered co-workers seven years earlier, or the dutiful U.S. warriors laboring in desert heat, these people took time off. Only, on this occasion, they all survived to exercise their rights of suffrage that day, unlike the heroes who gave them shelter and the victims who prompted better protection for them.

Unlike the loved ones caught in the World Trade Center who were forced to make a ghastly choice between burning alive or jumping to their death, the voters of November 4, 2008 made the much easier choice between Presidential candidates. Unlike those sentenced to the hellish descent of a lonely eternity, to comprehend their violent end, Obama’s supporters were afforded hours of uplifting hope to comprehend their ideologically bent future.

After Obama was elected, Oprah and Jesse were allowed to cry openly and unafraid, without a plummeting wind wiping their tears dry and smothering the desperate whisper of a final prayer before fatally colliding with a sidewalk at 140 miles an hour. Unlike voters on November 4, 2008, victims of September 11, 2001 surrendered their lives, forced reluctantly into a courageous choice that we might bear witness to their murder by a blood-thirsty, hate-filled, evil enemy. Upon impact, there was no pain except ours. They never cried out and they never expected anyone to catch them, but hoping the angels might greet them before the earth did.

Unlike the voters of November 4, 2008, victims of September 11, 2001 were overwhelmed by a resolve to accept their own murder without recourse, having no opportunity to prevent it before hand like we are failing to do now with the election of an apologetic pacifist. Instead, victims of 9/11 sent a message of hope, campaigning for mercy, vying to plunge their fragile bodies mercilessly against the unforgiving urbanity beneath without any advocacy from a liberal community protestor or union representative. They were not concerned with free medical care, racial equality, quota based opportunity or affirmative action. They proceeded downward toward the ultimate destiny of infamy without embracing the fantasy of an elegant arrival.
Unlike voters on November 4, 2008, the victims of September 11, 2001 no longer had use for race or gender politics.
Where was ACORN in their time of need? Where was the ACLU to defend their rights? Where was the SEIU to file a protest for the unsafe work environment on their behalf? Does being murdered by Islamic terrorist-driven airliners in a 1000-foot tall building qualify as discrimination for ACLU representation? The murdered victims of terrorists had no illusions about making it home to their family that day, let alone finding advocacy to defend their constitutional rights. They were forced precariously over the mortal edge into a mythic end. Contrary to their cowardice murderers, they became listless warriors of God almighty, choosing to eviscerate their own vessels upon the hard, grey shadows of heroism, resigning the future of their legacy into the hands of grace. They put the redemption of their earthly lives into your hands! And, the best reply we can muster for their example of courage is…..Barack Obama.

The vision of 9/11 victim’s nightmarish fatality dances on the fringes of our mind’s capacity to conceive it. We desperately try to hold their helplessness at bay behind protective deniability, concealed by the bustle of our delusional existence, as it impedes upon our inability to digest the vividness of its actual revulsion. Unlike our lack of knowledge about Obama, we knew these people. They were our neighbors, our friends, our families, our coworkers and our champions of life. We saw their birth, knew their spouses, and mentored their children. Their final message was sent down from the highest place to show you what true courage is. They sent a commission for you to live the long life they were deprived of and for you to see with great clarity the face of wickedness that murdered them in such a hellish manner.

When you ask Obama to disclose his identity, remember the lonely death of innocents jumping from flame filled windows who all had to prove their identity to have a job so tragically high up in that serene, blue autumn sky. Unlike their demonic murderers, the end of their lives was imminent, not chosen because of an adherence to evil religious doctrine or radical political ideology. Know they fell in silence onto debris covered New York streets, because crying was futile and the street was the only thing available once salvation had abandoned them. Foremost, know that every warrior dying under the ravages of a foreign sun enlisted to their duty with a certificate of blood-right to natural born renown. If they can make their decision in death, we have no excuse not to make ours in life.


Though we should respect everyone’s right to a political opinion, we should also invoke our right to violate the conscience of anyone defending the criminality and ambiguity of a leader when far worthier vintage Americans are dying for our protection and security. We should indict such indecency with violent accusations and unrepentant hostility. If it was worth it to heroes, shouldn’t we be redeemed by it? This was the hope of their entire lives concentrated in a final supernova of sacrifice.

Stop allowing yourself to be shamed into agreeing with your own destruction. This should not steal your resolve to declare what is right in your heart and mind, for the sake of those you love and treasure. When you grow tired of fighting the invisible enemies, remember the brave young men and women fighting the physical enemies in this war so far from home. Compare your fight to theirs and this will impassion your progress. Take within you their physical strength and make it the strength of your mind. Take their bravery and make it your courage. Take their wounds and make them your healing. Take their murder and make their lives your redemption. Engage the battle!!

Are You a Vintage American?

1. A vintage American believes that America is a place of advanced citizenship for humanity. A vintage American loves and appreciates the sacrifice made by others before them to secure the future of America for all.

2. A vintage American cherishes its founders, its defenders and the origins of its birth and recognizes the U.S. Constitution as a sacred document written by history’s chosen natal witnesses. A vintage American is not ashamed of America, nor do they regret the existence of America based on opposing historical perspectives.

3. A vintage America understands that America was founded on the principles of Christian faith and that it is blessed as a nation of exception for the betterment of humanity. Being a Christian is not a prerequisite to being a vintage American, but recognition and respect that America was founded on Christian principles is.

4. A vintage American understands that the Constitution makes no prescription for a separation of church from the state, but instead that the first amendment is a prohibition of government infringement upon the church, or acts by the government in respect to favoring any religion over any other when determining the allocation of public resources, legal protections or municipal services.

5. A vintage American believes the world’s people have a right to seek legal residence in America and pursue their dreams of freedom, peace, security and prosperity while adhering to and respecting the laws, sovereignty and borders of the United States.

6. A vintage American has served in the armed forces or civil service work to the benefit and security of others. All wounded veterans, possessing a Purple Heart, are vintage Americans. A vintage American has a sibling, parent or grandparent who has served America in the armed forces or civil service work to the benefit and security of others.

7. A vintage American believes in individualism, personal sovereignty, accountability and the right to personal security through the 2nd Amendment afforded by the Constitution. Vintage Americans understand that the government has no legal right or lesser cause to deprive any American from owning and bearing firearms.

8. A vintage American supports the opportunity of all Americans to pursue the highest privileges of our society based on a competitive capacity and decency of character in a capitalist, free-market system. Vintage Americans understand that the value in any transaction is determined only by the two parties involved.

9. Vintage Americans are not racists. They respect the value of their own cultural identity and are proud of the history of their heritage. Vintage Americans honor their families and the lives of those who are honorable, and those who came before them who were honorable.

10. A vintage American understands that members of our government operate in service of the people who elect them. The authority of government does not originate in the ideology of political preservation but in the will of the people to see the preservation of sovereignty, strength, security, moral authority and liberty. Vintage Americans oppose the pursuit of political service as a career.

11. Vintage Americans are compassionate people with a fierce willingness to physically fight for the future of their children and the security of their family.

Fight against the propensity to simply plod dim-eyed and capitulatory through your days, one lethargic breath after the next, in acceptance of everything you are told by radicals. Destroy the liars by first seeking the truth yourself. The days of silent dissent have passed. It is time to kill liberal radicalism with a constitutional potency and the weaponry of decent character. Write that book. Teach that child. Help that person in need. Comfort the truly fallen. Help the helpless, but reject the willfully clueless. Do something right in the names of heroes. Ask the important questions and demand the essential answers. If you don’t, the consequences will steal away that life you lead and you will be enslaved by the demands of its invasive purveyors.

When you find yourself in moments of doubt, when the weight of ridicule seems to be driving you away from your course, seek the words of truth from the One true source. Remember those who came before you. Do not forget your dying heroes. Seek your answers in them first, and it will lead you to redemption in a truth that sets you free.

You are a vintage American. You understand the price that was paid for America to exist. You know how this works. You just need to be reminded that the determination of whether or not you have a right to exist is not made by those seeking to kill you. It is determined by the One who created you. Because of this, in the absence of others willing to declare righteousness, you are qualified to declare what is right based on these truths. Most importantly, you alone are the only one qualified to determine the clear and present danger threatening your life. You alone have a right to identify your enemies and fight them, on your terms.


On November 5, 2009, in the second terrorist attack on American soil since Obama was elected, radical Islamic jihadist, Nidal Malik Hasan, walked into a crowded Army enlistment processing center at Fort Hood, Texas, shouted, ‘Allahu Ackbar!’, and opened fire on the unarmed people within. Hasan murdered 13 Americans, and wounded another 29.

Hasan held the rank of Major and worked as a psychiatrist with the Army’s Medical Corp counseling soldiers. Aside from his rank and occupation, however, Hasan’s true identity is something far more horrific. He is one of millions of possible terrorists living in America who hold within them the brazened psychological and ideological prerequisites for mass murder permitted under the doctrines of their radical religion. More frightening, however, is that shadow terrorists, like Hasan are embedded and protected by America’s own lack of willingness to identify terrorist enemies based on the characteristics exhibited through radicalization by the Islamic religion. There were many opportunities for authorities to neutralize Hasan before his rampage, but they refused to execute the security measures because they feared legal and political consequences.

Hasan was able to take advantage insidious political correctness while exploiting America’s First Amendment and liberal pacifications to gain leverage over national security measures. Then, he infiltrated the inner realm of our national defenses and used his status as a medical professional and a military officer to pretend to be the friend of Americans who, in turn, grew to trust him, allowing him access to the most vulnerable parts of their lives. Then, once he was strategically positioned, in true radical Islamic form, he killed them.

Hasan’s murderous rampage was not stopped by politeness, political correctness or diplomacy. It was stopped when someone finally identified him as the enemy he actually was and used deadly force in an attempt to eradicate him from humanity. Hasan represents a disturbing reality in America. He is an enemy within.

Likewise, in politics, as in the constructs of terrorism, by successfully diminishing initial sources of information exposing one’s true identity, the enemy within knows it can gain leverage over the trust of the American public. Then, when more powerful incriminating evidence might be produced in the future, it will be too late to stop the rampage, no matter how confirmed and factual the evidence is.

Hasan’s assault was foreshadowed on many occasions prior to November 5, 2009. However, the authorities assigned to neutralize threats like Hasan were prevented from acting by nonsensical social values and politically correct idiocy. This pacifism is how the fascist enemies of the past sought to gain bowing acceptance of their desire to murder us. This is the insidious method used to convince decent people that our oppressor has a right to either control us, or destroy us. This is how the liberal culture of death seeks to make you believe that you don’t have a right to be alive if you refuse to live the existence they mandate for you. This is how you are manipulated into believing that you don’t have the right to offend, let alone oppose, those seeking to kill you. This is how the executioner not only seeks to remove your head, but desires to see you walk the gallows willingly and make it more convenient for him. How long will you wait? How near in proximity will you allow the blood thirsty adversaries of your children to come before you mount the intellectual armament and assume the battle array?

The politically correct liberal understands that it doesn’t need to fight every piece of evidence discovered against Obama. It has access to media resources which only need to cast as wide and as deep as possible a net of ridicule and doubt over the entire Obama legitimacy investigation, in general. Like the ideologies which protected Hasan from the security measures of our military before he murdered innocent people, the liberal media creates ridicule and hate-based propaganda to protect Obama and disarm the most qualified people assigned to protect America. Specifically, the liberal establishment will try to marginalize anyone resisting Obama’s liberal onslaught by accusing his opposition of racism.

Our government wields the most corrupt methods in its lust to gain power over the minds and able bodies of free people. Our beautiful lives are simultaneously coveted and despised by the reprobates of the world who, finding themselves in a position of destructive power inside our vulnerable places. The government will reduce your existence to little more than a generator of tax revenue to fund their ideology, if you simply do not fight back. If you remain permissive, the government will confiscate the value of who you are and make that value serve its insidious purpose. Our government will use any method, no matter how evil, to achieve this. These methods include deception, misinformation, and intimidation and, at its worst, personal destruction…even covert murder.

Let’s never forget, Barack Obama was merely selected for the team that November day. He had not yet won anything, as he proclaimed to have. While Jesse and Oprah cried tears of joy for their heritage, did they remember those who had already sacrificed themselves on behalf of all races, before Obama even showed up? Do they even care? While they upheld the results of an afforded election as a victory for their own culture, did they reserve honor for that very same right which was taken from others before? So when Obama stands on the 200 year old lawn of the White House and proclaims, “I won,” let these perspectives answer your questions about vintage America’s regard for Barack Obama, and know the permission and endowment for his current position does not rest with him or those who voted for him. It rests with those who, in sacrifice of everything, did not get to.

Offering irrelevant tokens intended to cancel the Bush Administration’s effective security measures, Barack Obama intends to rescind, not only policy, but even official terminology previously used to accurately describe our murderous enemies. The remodel of terms used to describe accused terror suspects held at Guantanamo prison, and Islamic murderers like Hasan, should have been a call to revolution. In the first six months of his initial term, Obama decreed that terrorists heretofore be referred to as “manmade disasterists” rather than “terrorists”.

The Obama administration is more willing to change how we label evil, without the resolve to actually prevent it from happening. He made the decree in concert with a decision to shut down the detention facility at Guantanamo without offering any alternative how the detainees will be classified, or where they will be held in the future. Then again, what else might we expect from such a talented word-smith? By implementing the ornamental directive, Obama continued to diminish America’s aversion to destruction at the hands of terrorists, this time, by prohibiting the use of the terms “enemy combatants” within his administration. These terms were created by the Bush Administration to describe unarraigned detainees arrested on the battle field, not to pander to a national fetish to not offend our enemies.

In an attempt to cosmetically enhance American opinion about alleged terrorist prisoners, Obama engaged a massive public relations campaign to “redistribute” America’s prevailing support for the theory that since terrorists want to kill us, they indeed must actually be bad. Describing terrorists as "enemies" and "combative" apparently opposed Obama's insidious policy against violating the rights of murderers to not be offended. In doing so, he hoped to undermine the effective asceticism of the Bush Administration while gaining global support for his rendition of a softer, more legally friendly, anti-terror stratagem. Unfortunately, Obama’s bark is less effective than the bite of those who want to kill us. Throwing adjectives and superlatives at terrorist enemies until they run out of bullets and strap-on bombs is not an acceptable strategy. Disregarding the fact that the Bush Administration provided eight years of safety and zero domestic casualties since 9/11, Obama demonstrated to the world that we were less willing to heed the tragic requiem of fallen towers than we are to afford inalienable rights to murderous aliens. We do this in betrayal of our battlefield heroes. We receive into ourselves a redefinition of terrorism that alleviates liberal guilt for having the audacity to not want to be killed by those who invoke our own constitutional mandate to allow their right to murder us as their freedom of religious expression, while our president and pathological liberals give them the guided tour. It is sick. It is despicable and it is insidious against the human right to preserve one’s own existence. Most frightening, however, the Obama Administration is still implementing a strategy against terrorism by putting the interests and sentiments of foreign nations before our own. Liberals refer to this as “diplomacy”. However, really it’s just apologizing to the rest of the world for America’s exceptionalism. By merely overhauling public relations as his primary weapon to combat religionist murderers, it appears he is more concerned about not offending Islamic radicals than he is about protecting Americans in the future. Meanwhile, thousands of terrorists all over the world take account of Obama's decisions and conclude their tactics must actually be working.

Rather than remembering the reasons 8000 heroes, including 3000 victims on 9/11, and their families have given us to remain vigilant and unrelenting, the liberal establishment is choosing to give respect to terrorists who communicate with the world through the language of homicidal annihilation. Unfortunately, the terrorists Obama hopes to accommodate through extraneous “redefinitive” gestures are not even in Guantanamo prison and have no concern for his politics, or his anti-Bush laments. The suspects captured thus far are not diplomatic, they are not reasonable, and the only relations they desire to have with us are ones in which we act like docile, unprotected targets submitting to their murderous destruction.
Radical Muslims did not start out as terrorists. They became terrorists by first being Muslim. Not all Muslims become terrorists, but the lack of liberal’s willingness to use the harshest terms possible in reference to Islamic radicals reveals a startling weakness in the Obama Administration’s priority to uphold American security ahead of offending foreign governments. It makes one question whether or not Mr. Obama would have the substance of character to respond in the harshest way to another cataclysmic event at the hands of Islamic murderers.


The Neo-liberal, fueled by hysteria over the election of Obama, is one who has taken vigorous pains to disguise the intended purpose of America's originators by mystifying their pristine message, mixing it with half truths, while disseminating the blatant lie that the American Constitution, when held in the benefit of its creators, is a meaningless document haphazardly concocted by racists and expatriated, old, white men. The strain of our society that blindly supports Obama hates vintage America. They despise America's creators and the heirs of our history for their righteous audacity to create a nation for advanced, accountable people with little interest in the empowerment of domestic government or the placation of foreign ones.
However, when liberals distort the meaning of the Constitution to serve their destructive cause, it conveniently becomes the lionized champion of human doctrine affording Obama and the liberal government with power against vintage America. Liberals employ delusional values to morph the standards of their behavior because so little governs against it in their own system of social values. Under liberal rules, suddenly, all things that have been commonly understood to be right become wrong, and vice versa. As such, it cannot be stated too harshly that the liberal's offense upon the memory and honor of vintage America in this matter works to discount the priceless bloodshed of our ancestors who gave everything to see us through to peace and endow us with the rights we now enjoy.

Oppose liberalism and government expansion. Confront them with these questions. Why is the blood of your grandfather then worth more than the blood of your brother now? What innocent victims were worth fighting for then that you no longer believe are worth fighting for now? Your freedom was paid for by those more worthy of it than you, yet you desecrate their memory by hijacking the freedom they gave you and using it to protest the manner in which they provided it. Your security was bought with the blood of others and the peace you have now is the exception, not the rule. Your sovereignty is the result of it being achieved by someone else, not the result of it being passively allowed by you.

Liberals thrive on the failure others and seek to keep their failure alive for their purposes of maintaining poverty entitlements, increasing government dependence, spreading social illness and exploiting ignorance on a massive scale. When analyzing Obama’s history with radical liberalism and community incivility, it becomes apparent that our current government is entirely intent upon expanding its command over the American people. For, it is upon these desolate human conditions that liberals find their value and purpose. Whether through the exploitation of the sick and impoverished, or through theft of resources earned by others, the modern liberal hates vintage America because vintage America is none of these things. Instead, Vintage Americans possess the ransomed blessing endowed by the recognized, honored sacrifice made by others. Liberals hate Vintage Americans because they are the possessors of authentic honor, courage, reason, purpose and right. Where liberals enable depravity, Vintage America is generous to those who are deprived. Where liberals exploit poverty, vintage America provides opportunity for prosperity.

Vintage Americans believe in a power greater than themselves, not the myth of liberal puppet leaders. Whether by epiphany or by spiritual affirmation, they understand that there truly is a God. Even if the name of an ultimate authority were something more arbitrary, it would still be derided by the political left because the authority of it lies not with them. Vintage Americans seek to know God more through research of the attainable literature not inconclusive illusion of scientific theory. Liberals hate the idea that anything is a greater power than them so they endow the fields of human-based science and knowledge with the limits of truth. They hate God. They hate His generosity, His selflessness, His intelligence and His mercy for the fallen. God is little more than competition to the liberal establishment. His gift of salvation to mankind is an inconvenient nuisance in the liberal mind, challenging the liberal agenda to keep people sick, impoverished, fallen and lost so ‘social engineers’ can exploit them as a reason to tax decent people to fund corrupt liberal entitlements.


The value of money in rooted in the abilities and ingenuity of humanity, not race and demography. Obama fails to grasp this fact, and as a result of his race-centered ideology, he hates the prosperity of Vintage America. We already know his ideology about individual wealth and the need to “spread it around”, but what social specifications does he use to determine who the spreaders are and who the spreadees are? When Obama speaks of redistribution of wealth, what he is actually doing is redefining the value of every American based on liberal standards. Basically, he is reestablishing the line between what he feels is wealthy and poor. He is making a determination of how much money is too much for one person to make in comparison to the lesser amount made by another. This is an audacious and dangerous precedent for any leader to set. By declaring ideologically based limitations to the value of work and production in our society, Obama is setting a standard by which an overwhelming proportion of achievers will no longer have an incentive to achieve. People who have worked hard their entire lives to achieve wealth and financial independence will now be told that their decades of toil and sacrifice have diminished in value.

Having seen the poverty and debased economic existence of his father's culture, and the culture of his Indonesian schoolmates, Obama was confronted with a choice. The genesis of Obama's hatred for American prosperity began when his belief system was corrupted by liberal radicalization. It began when truth destroyed his delusion that being poor was normal after being confronted with the reality of American affluence upon returning to America from abroad as a boy. In Obama’s own book, “Audacity Of Hope”, he writes:

“Without the money to go to the international school that most expatriate children attended, I went to local Indonesian schools and ran the streets with the children of farmers, servants, tailors, and clerks.”16

Upon coming to America, when Obama saw that we had sidewalks, plumbing and cable T.V., he heard the imagined voices of his childhood calling to him, "We are poor because they are rich. We have nothing because the evil Americans have taken it from us."

In a March 17, 2007 New York Times story about Obama’s Hawaiian origins, columnist Jennifer Steinhauer wrote:

“He started out disoriented, unaccustomed to skateboards, wearing his sandals from Jakarta, ill at ease at his classmates' homes with swimming pools and large rooms.”29

Since then, Obama has fostered the delusion that a redistribution of wealth, driven by resentment, is a viable method for bringing about equality within humanity. He believes a government, in taking from one according to his ability and giving to another according to his perceived need, can create equality. He is mistaken. Government only creates war, famine, hate, and disease when they attempt to artificially manipulate the economic structure of a society. Unfortunately, Obama has never had to face the actual truth about the reasons why rich people are rich, and poor people are poor. In his world, people become affluent by either confiscating money from other rich people through legal means, or by engaging in corruption. Obama has no understanding of how a person becomes prosperous through hard work and self definition of value. Obama has never created anything in his life that encouraged hard working, independent people to buy what he had to offer. His affluence was attained at the expense of others, not through a transaction of services or products agreed upon by those possessing items equal in value. Instead, the unwanted products of liberal doctrine are forced upon a reluctant nation now forced to pay for things they do not want. Enforced by executive power, Obama has enacted policies using baseless ideological coercion against half of the nation to enable legalized enslavement of the other half.

Prosperity is directly related to one's command of life and the humility to accept the occasional failure. Prosperity is directly related to personal accountability and an embrace of the idea that independence from helplessness is not demographically predetermined. Tragically, Barack Obama is unable to separate the causes of poverty from his malignant vestiges of attributing failure to demographic identities. He is deeply deceived. He is so deeply vested in the theory of the symbiotic relationship between race and affluence that he will never see the truth that a man's worth is determined by what others are willing to pay for it, not what others are forced to pay for it.

This is why liberals hate vintage American prosperity. Vintage America understands the need for promoting personal accountability and independence. In doing so, they have made themselves valuable to humanity in ways that cause demand for their ingenuity and skill. Demand for their work. Demand for what they create. Demand for their service. Demand for their ideas. Demand for their innovation. Demand for their brilliance. Demand for their strength.

The idea that a person is entitled to something based on their perceived need is a quintessential liberal delusion. It is formulated on the premise that only liberals have the authority to determine what needs are and how severe they must be to justify the confiscation of other people’s worth. From the first moment we saw the newly embedded Barrack Hussein Obama, we knew he was trying to get away with this ideology. His elevated demeanor and extravagant language was contrived. His polished delivery was compensation for intrinsic deficiencies of character and a marked absence of honesty. In reality, Barack Obama is a politician, and only interested in preserving his dream of worldwide liberal indoctrination while playing the victim of the “evil conservative horde”.

Obama seeks epic economic equality through a massive social justice agenda. At the end of this Administration’s historical failure, Obama, and the liberal establishment’s true motivating factor will be exposed as a grudgeful hate. They will be forced to accept they were not successful in exploiting vintage America. And, they will be cast into political orphanry with the rest of history's moral indigents. After 200 days of the most liberal presidency in American history, there was little outrage that Obama was selling out America to bailout malfeasant entities whose only reason for existing was to supply politicians with financial backing for re-election. Not only are corporations not being allowed to fail by our government, the government is sacrificing us to save them. In effect, the tax money of vintage America is being confiscated by the liberal establishment’s leaders to pay for the losses caused by the liberal establishment. Obama didn’t pay premiums on the policy he is now filing a claim on, we did.

It is widely held that that the office of the president is greater than the individual who serves in it. This applies to anyone desiring to become more important than the position. It is, however, possible for an individual to diminish the effectiveness and credibility of the position. When the office is not sought for honorable reasons, and is not served in an honorable way, then it diminishes the honorability of the office. The office of the President is diminished by the individual who cheats to achieve it. If a lawbreaker is elected while he conceals his criminality from those who elect him, the election process itself is not held in contempt, the man is. If he assumes the position for which he was mis-elected, and is allowed to serve as president even after those who supported him have knowledge of his wrongdoing, the ramifications of his offense will have tragic consequences to the identity and integrity of national public service policy. Not to mention, the credibility of the office of the President is compromised an international scale.

We suddenly find ourselves amidst a leadership conglomeration of the politically and morally desolate. It is a desolation driven by the highest echelons of monetary interests and desire for power over the economy of the world. It is a desolation that has wrought itself so discriminately from the despotic left, that we scarcely recognize any characteristics of decency in their modern purpose. Their derelict offenses on vintage American society are the result of politically driven, hysterical blindness and ideological hate for anything or anyone contending against their dissonant ignorance. Liberals in America today don’t have the first clue about how or what to prioritize as a matter of national interests and security. Their servitude to their own politics over common decency and true alleviation of real suffering will always take precedence upon the liberal docket.

We are imposed upon by the liberal’s anointed deceiver. The only evidence of his qualifications and intentions come to us after it has been strained and contrived through a chain of possession and manipulators of interpretation. We only see the shiny, jewel-laden cloak, as the reprobation is subdued, and the vile cause is hastened that they might assume jurisdiction over the minds and bodies of a bowing consensus while seeking to destroy those with the power to oppose them. Against decent people their leader now stands as a requisite tool possessing the characteristics endowed to him by invisible forces, constructing doctrinal architecture with insidious justifications, lost in ideology, and implementing damnable, desolate politics which will eventually serve the destruction of everything our father's suffered to realize.

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