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The Mombosan Son: Introduction


“We have to face the probability that the pattern of events we are seeing comes from a purposeful intention to destroy the constitutional sovereignty of the American people.”

Dr. Alan Keyes
Presidential Candidate and
former Ambassador to the U.N. and Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs

In the beginning, I struggled to clarify my motives in writing this book. Then, one day in early October, 2008, while connecting my neighbor’s cable box, the answer came in the unexpected form of a network media host. It was “Countdown with Keith Olbermann’s” segment called “World’s Worst”. During this part of MSNBC’s primetime lineup, Keith Olbermann, a failed sportscaster formerly with ESPN, typically denigrates three randomly selected people that he disagrees with, (apparently, hate is now a profession).

In this particular version, Olbermann was particularly venomous, but suspiciously generous in volunteering dishonest answers to unasked questions about the controversy over Barack Obama’s natal identity. I found Olbermann’s solo interesting because he appeared so desperate to preserve some hidden personal interest in this strange discussion. I had not yet been exposed to the full effect of the Obama birth inquiry at the time, and I was not expecting to hear anything like I heard from Olbermann that day.

I’ve always been fascinated how adeptly liars so easily avail information they were never asked for in an effort to divert the questioner from the specific subject matter being inquired about. Obama's White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs has mastered this clumsy skill. He has turned dishonesty and ambiguity into a lumbering, dithering, painful art form. The guy is a train wreck. If Gibbs donned himself in leather and carried a whip, he could narrate S & M films with his answers to press corp questions. The guy is excruciating.

Most politicians have this problem with blatant dishonesty. Either they do not know the answer to the question and use the diversion in attempt to conceal their stupidity, or they do know the answer but refuse to answer the question with a direct answer because they know the information would cause them political damage. You may ask them for an answer to the basic problem like “What is two plus two?” and they will gleefully tell you the answer to three minus three, and then try to convince everyone that their answer is more appropriate to the question they wish you would have asked them. This is the single most significant reason why people hate the liberal establishment.

As the son of a criminal investigator, I was often told by my father how suspects who volunteer unsolicited information usually have a reason to fear an investigation of the crimes they are trying to hide. Olbermann raised all the flags I needed to light this literary fuse. He proceeded for several minutes to cast dispersions at the three politically conservative subjects, all of them absent and without an opportunity to defend themselves, calling them vile names and mocking various quotes they had made completely out of context regarding the Obama eligibility issue.Olbermann revealed himself as nothing more than a pseudo-sophisticated, undiplomatic version of a “Jerry Springer wanna-be” commissioned by NBC Universal to stir controversy wrought by the liberal establishment’s politically driven hate toward anyone who simply has opposing opinions to those held by the liberal bosses now mismanaging the unraveling, increasingly unpopular tabloid network, MSNBC.

I'm actually thankful to Mr. Olbermann for his cowardly, incoherent rant that day. His cheap-shots did more for the actualization of my pure motivation than months of private advice ever could. It was the perfect, cathartic meltdown I so desperately needed to witness. He made me feel much better and he made writing this book much easier. He removed all doubts I had previously, while solidifying all the reasons I needed to engage this project. In Olbermann’s unnecessarily violent attack on other Americans, he put an ugly, futilely groomed face on the enemy I sought for months to identify. In that wonderful moment, I realized my divine motivation was elegantly rooted in little more than a powerful, but profoundly righteous curiosity. And, most importantly, Olbermann confirmed every suspicion I ever had about my American right to have it.

At first I was amused by Barack Obama’s apparent refusal to provide all of the information about his natal identity. A few days before the 2008 election, I remember a conversation with one of my co-workers, a devout Obama supporter. After mulling the subject, he said rhetorically about Obama, “Okay, joke’s over. It’s time to come clean. We get the whole ‘preserve the political image’ thing, but enough is enough.”

I remember laughing then, but I am not laughing now. After a year of intensive research, I became confounded by Obama’s willful lack of response to the most basic questions of political legitimacy which, if answered, would allegedly exonerate his character and put to rest this absurd assault on his effectiveness. Instead, unfortunately, his refusal to disclose his full identity through the historically official, federal documentation and traditional American sources has been devastating to perceptions about his character.

What was once a comical workplace conversation has become the primary detraction from Obama’s ability to be a leader in American politics. Shamefully, Obama's opacity, not transparency, has diminished his legitimacy and effectiveness as a President and, like a clay foundation, has destabilized the structures of covert policy he seeks to construct upon it.

I want you to know that I have less of a concern about the questions regarding the contents of Obama’s natal information than I do about the massive scheme he as implemented to conceal it. If you are a liberal who supported Obama, you will call me a "birther" or a "nut", and that's okay. I have total confidence that I have done due diligence to extract meaningful and truthful information from my research on this subject. I have interviewed officials, talked to legal professionals, reviewed mountains of documents and listened to hours of testimony. My conclusions are rooted in sound evidence which confirms America's suspicions about Obama's actual biography, and his intentions as a politician.

Obama is like a suspected thief professing his innocence. Americans don’t need to prove what is in his possession, they only need to know that the vault is missing money and Obama is the only one caught armed, wearing a mask and running out of a bank full of dead people with large bags over his shoulders, and, now he is refusing to allow the police to search the bags. Even bystanders understand, eventually, you just have to arrest him based on the evidence.

Americans have the proof that Obama is hiding a crime, they just don’t have access to the specific motive and evidence of its commission. This is why I have less concern about his actual place of birth and questions about his natural born citizenship, at this point, than I have about the astonishing measures and resources that have been used to keep this remedial information from being exposed. Not only has he spent $2 million dollars in legal fees defending against exposure of his identity, Obama has weilded the executive power of the U.S. Presidency to prevent and discourage Americans from doing what I have done with this book.

You need to understand the difference between the everyday caterwauler calling Obama a "Kenyan" and the work I have done which explains the reasons behind Obama's violation of the most basic Constitutional mandates. You need to understand the importance of sovereignty and the relationship between the identity of our leaders and the identity of America itself.
It is easy to get sucked into the current liberal nut’s accusations of “birtherism” or conspiracy psychosis. I address the question of natural born citizenship and Obama’s natal history, intensively. However, if you are reading this book, then you already understand your American right to have concern about a politician’s shadow policies and black-ops approach to disclosing his identity.

Today, it is obvious Obama’s lack of transparency has compromised his executive effectiveness. His approval rating as consistently fallen since he was elected fromt he high 60's to the low 40's. His complete disregard for the methods of self authentication, which virtually all Americans are commonly familiar with, has marginalized his agenda and divided America. Sadly, he has allowed this personal deficiency to metastasize into destructive consequences for his legacy and, most importantly, for America’s security. Tragically, confidence in Obama has become so damaged over this absurd political “misdemeanor”, it has given rise to a deeper fear of secret felonious activity. It is now impossible for him explain why he has chosen to “act stupidly” and delegitimize himself as a leader of the most powerful nation in world history with such a primitive form of self destruction.

I’ve often heard the dissonant liberal exclaim that Obama does not have an obligation to satisfy the public with information about his identity. This being the case, then it is equally no obligation for the American public to ever accept his fallow offering of political legitimacy. Liberals believe government power is self endowed. They forget it is the public who empowered Obama as a representative based on what they thought was reliable information about his identity. Current polling reveals, however, that if the election were held today, knowing what America knows, Obama would lose, badly. Pathetically, liberals have forgotten the lessons of America’s political past which mandates; Like other tragic figures of political history, Obama’s failures as a president will be directly attributed to the failure of his honorability as a man. At the roots of his secret identity reside the reasons for any perceived weakness of him as a leader.


Not surprisingly, Barack Obama and I share biographical similarities. We were fostered in paradise, along with a younger sibling, by our white grandparents whose origins once resided in Midwest America before moving west with hope of a better life for our family. Our American grandfathers served the United States as members of the military and we both had a close relationship with a maternal grandmother who passed away in 2008. We both claim a Christian faith, and we are both educated in professional fields attending college where we had occasion to write for the college newspaper.

We were both abandoned by our biological fathers who, at the time of our birth, both resided for some time in Hawaii. Then we were both paternally adopted. We were both born to educated, though wayward mothers during their less than discretionary teen years of the 1960’s. Both of our mothers moved to the Pacific Northwest soon after our birth and, later, became ill with incurable sickness as we entered into the endeavors of our professional lives. I, too, was issued a Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth after applying for the document based on Hawaiian law 338-17 which allowed me to gain natural-born American natal status despite my birth in Brisbane, Australia. I am natural-born citizen of the United States because the laws of the state of Hawaii says I am, despite the fact that my natal origins are nowhere near American soil. I could actually run for President, despite being born abroad, under the same circumstances Barack Obama was.

I would like to believe that Obama and I are considered intelligent and generously verbose in a complimentary way, though, I am certain many of our opponents seek to discount these qualities as much as possible in an attempt to reduce any potency in our respective points of view.We both have a history of athletics from our younger years, igniting an appreciation for the value of team dynamics. We were both very active in our childhood and participated in athletics during our adolescence. I can’t vouch for Obama’s experience, but my experience after sports in college, playing pick-up games in the inner city, far from home, left an indelible impression of the actual, raw truth about race in America. There are things said among kids on a public basketball court that would curdle a liberal’s skin. Racial trash talk, however, was a recreational opportunity to break each other down in the spirit of competition, and make people laugh. And, it certainly exposed the farce of moral righteousness claimed by those who use race as a way to leverage social justice. Our interaction was never about hate. It was about pointing out the obvious, and then trying to hold the winner’s court for the next two hours.

Demographically speaking, I was not your typical athlete. So, often, when I called, “next”, it was hard to get four others to run with me simply because I was the only white person there. But once we held the court with a crew of “chumps”, suddenly everybody wanted to be on the team with the short white kid who actually could jump. Like Obama, I found reward in shattering stereotypes. I loved the look on people’s faces when my performance violated their expectations. In many ways, I think Obama relates to this in other parts of life, in general, and I am certain he understands the dynamics of interracial competition.

I pray for Obama and our nation almost everyday. It is important for readers to understand I have sympathy for a person like him, for the similarities listed, and not for reasons you might think. Of course, I have qualified sympathy for his tattered family history, and his failed paternal self-identification. When adults who procreate fail to demonstrate accountability and responsibility for their children, it destroys confidence in the idea of parenting, family and community in that child.Perhaps this strain on Obama’s character came as a result of separation from his father and a struggle to culturally identify with an adequate family. A young man can struggle with this void well into his 30’s.

Or, perhaps it was the content of his education in notoriously liberal, intellectually elite institutions which promoted an inflated sense of ideological importance. A young, brilliant man can get lost in his contentious view of the world, and the ambition to save it.

Obama and I share mutual, but opposing perspectives toward each other’s political ideology. I think Obama is wrong about many things, but I do not wish him harm. I have respect for his humanity. But I have doubts about his character and do not want him, or anyone with his political substance, to serve in our government as a steward of my fathers’ and grandfathers’ nation. I don’t care what race they are.

Most importantly, I am not opposed to Barack Obama because he is a bi-racial man. I am opposed to Barack Obama because he is a radical liberal.I don’t like Obama’s policies not because I’m racist or an ideologue, I don’t like them because his leadership qualities and decisions are causing harm to me, my friends and members of my family. His economic policies have worked to undermine the financial welfare of my family by removing their choices and their ability to maintain their quality of life, feed their children, buy essentials and navigate through the daily demands of living in his remade clone of America. His lack of experience in national security and fighting terrorism leaves me with a grave lack of confidence in his ability to protect America.

Or, God forbid, maybe Obama actually is a honed, devastating tool of the corrupt Chicago political environment he marinated in for 15 years. There is nothing more potentially destructive to the human conscience than to fall into an existence where the reward for radicalism goes unopposed. The human soul is not designed to worship the isolated treasures of self-justification through moral decompensation. Soon, we all become a slave to such fraudulent things.But, mostly, I have sympathy for Obama’s toil against honesty and the self afflicted wounds of his chronic, life-long radicalization.

I was drawn into the liberal world once, but conservative relationships saved me from it, so I am empathetic of the justified excoriation from others for Obama’s willful lack of authenticity and for the absence of peace this has left his soul. Through my research, I often wondered if these impalements are actually his fault as he has seemingly been forced to represent the most desolate, hateful, selfish faction of American society. Then I remember he is but a man, as prone to life’s disorientations as anyone.


Admittedly, I don’t have a lot of good things to say about the Obama liberals in control of our government beginning in 2009. But I want to quell the ignorant attempt to marginalize my politics. I didn’t have a lot of good things to say about their predecessors in 2008, either.I’m not sure where Obama’s honor lies. However, where I come from, if a man is willing to lie about something as fundamental as his past, it is an indication of his propensity to lie about his intentions for the future. I was raised to understand my life is not my own, paid for by the blood of others more worthy than me, and that my well-being is forfeit next to the choices made by those who came before me in their decision to give up their rights to life, liberty and happiness.

The fact that I exist in America is nothing less than a grand privilege, a miracle and an expression of the overwhelming blessings of God given upon the blood which was shed by those far worthier than me.This book focuses on the absence of vital information required to legitimize Obama for the office of the Presidency. It approaches the subject from a perspective on his character rather than his legality or his citizenry. It is very important to me that readers understand that I am motivated not by a preconceived notion about Obama’s natal documents, citizenship, family breeding or racial plurality. Instead, I am motivated to write this book because I am offended by Obama’s hypocrisy, dishonesty and lack of transparency while acting in direct contradiction to his own declarations of renewed transparency in our government.

George Bush may have been a liar, but at least he never claimed to uphold transparency. Most of all, I am offended by Obama’s willful dismissal of vintage Americans and their legitimate right to inquire about the ideology of anyone serving in the office of the United States president. I am offended by his discounting of the value of my family’s generational service to America and the sacrifices they made fighting actual hate while facing real, mortal danger.I will not claim credit for the effectiveness of the forensic evidence presented in this book. I have researched what I believe are some interesting connections between seemingly unrelated events which give insight into the possibility that Obama indeed represents something more foreboding than most would like to embrace.

However, there are many in-depth specifics that desperately beg for further clarification about the actual Barack Obama. There are thousands, if not millions, of interesting, credible perspectives about the legitimacy of his identity. One could fill a library with the blogs on the subject. Instead, this work will present some fresh perspective and support for our nation’s desire to find the truth about this ambiguous man. It discusses the reasons why a man’s identity is so closely related to his character and his character to his ability to lead.This book also explores the facts and theories about how Obama’s natal history was instrumental in providing him with the means to become President without being subject to the U.S. Constitutional vetting process and declarations of citizenship.

The evidence I reiterate is an expansion of the information presented by other countrymen and countrywomen who have done the legwork, and taken the risks to show the facts as they have found them. Many of my conclusions have been combined with theory. But, as an analytically technical individual, I understand that all exposed truth begins with a question, and the question demands theoretical, reasonable answers.I want the researchers, theorists, legal professionals and investigators to know how much I admire them for their efforts in assisting my research. Writing a book about anything is not easy. When it’s about a controversial issue, it seems impossible because it often seems that, no matter how much effort you make to appear objective, someone will always think you are a nut. Just for the record, for the benefit of caterwauling liberals, I am not now, nor have I ever been a nut. I’m just an everyday joe. Though, my friends have often called me fiercely independent, I understand my personality is often mischaracterized in this way because brilliant people are more bold and willing to explore the truth outside the mainstream of conformity.

Aside from wanting to convey a fair minded message in a book, it’s difficult gathering information, determining its validity and putting it in context with the thesis you want to convey. It must be assembled in a systematic but entertaining form that makes others want to consume it. What this book adds to the research done is a personal theory about our current government based on understanding of the information available. I hope it brings awareness to previously undiscovered facts and motivates people to follow a commission of stewardship over our blessings and understand why a person’s identity, defined through community, is so important.


I have strong views against the exploitation of race for purposes of political pandering or for using demography for marketing in the media. Reprobates using race to promote a personal agenda are intellectually incapable of convincing society of the value of their ideology. They are unable to promote a message on the merits of the choice between right and wrong, so they resort to the exploitation of involuntary human characteristics, like race and gender, which are not choices. Race mongers prey on ignorance and involuntary characteristics because these allow them to avoid the convictions of being wrong while justifying recidivism (repetitive, destructive behavior).

Exploiters of race are the lowest forms of the political and media professions while the children of melanic cultures are the unwitting victims filling quotas for their liberal establishment. I consider social activists like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and various other race peddlers to be the actual racists of our society. Their purpose in life hinges upon a deep seeded racial consciousness through which they justify blaming others for the problems of their own heritage. Its time America took away their race card. If their message were right and true, they shouldn’t have trouble selling it to decent people without pandering to involuntary demography.

Degenerates leading the liberal establishment have discounted the legitimate harm done by racism and have manufactured its evil into an actual industry which relies on character defamation and the outright dishonest demonization of conservatives. Ironically, it lies within the hypocritical accusations of racism where the liberal establishment justifies their own malignant racism toward a conservative, white minority. There is no excuse for drawing disseminations about each other based on the idiocy of demographics. When this happens it is a sign of desperation on the part of the accuser and an indication they are seeking to manipulate circumstances for their own selfish gain.

As some of my words may be impassioned, it is ridiculous to think they are driven by hate. Although, if you are liberal, I'm not going to convince you otherwise and, quite honestly, I don't care what you think anyway, are a liberal.

Intimate knowledge of my personal history, and my current relationships with members of all cultures and races, will contradict any attempt to smear my character with lame accusations that I oppose Obama because he is bi-racial. My words are a direct result of my love for my country; my vintage American natural born heritage; my family, and my own multi-racial genealogical history. These principles circumvent race.I am blessed to have family and lifelong friends who know that my diplomacy with others is based on character and behavior, not the perceived density of melanin in their skin. My friends and contenders alike have been from all races and cultures. I would have never had cause to even recognize their race in the conduct of daily life except for the writing of this book to make the point. Life has given me just as many reasons for indignation and hate because of treatment towards my ethnicity, as it has to anyone of any other heritage for theirs, yet, I refuse to be racist over it.

Every person I meet has the right to be considered on the merits of their character. However, if being called a racist for having the audacity to be white and ask a valid question about the legitimacy of any elected official, who happens to be of black heritage, then I declare it a badge of honor. If writing a book challenging the abysmal effort of a politician to disclose his real identity makes me a racist then I will consider it a compliment. I would rather be a racist, in the eyes of liberals, than a shameful victim in the eyes of everyone else. Only the most ignorant person believes that a vintage American like me would ever cower to threats of being accused of racism when confronted by such a radical threat as the one being implemented by our current purveyors.

This book is also not about focusing only on the absence of anyone’s birth information, exclusively. It’s not about a President as much as it is about the overall, destructive political movement he represents. Admittedly, a large portion of this book is about the ambiguous identity of a man who has taken advantage of a ripe, derisive political climate and a flawed vetting system to gain power over a psychologically imbalanced, bowing consensus. However, Obama’s plight is only a microcosm of the desolate waste of a liberal political landscape.

Although it contains biographical information about people, this book is not intended to be a biographical work. Instead, it is intended to seek, in some small part, the redemption due the blood sacrifice my family has made for this nation for 250 years and to present a contentious view on Obama’s disregard for the importance of integrity in the offices of American leadership. And, it is intended to illustrate how Barack Obama has exploited America’s bureaucratic, geographic, social and moral weaknesses, not strengths, to become president.


I did not have to choose my American citizenship. Mine was biologically predetermined. It was inherent and undeniable at the moment of my birth to two parents who were also born in America. The witnesses of my birth are still alive and the authenticated records of confirmation of my natural born identity are still available.

My family has had more than fifty confirmed military veterans in the past 7 generations, and many more unconfirmed prior to 1790. At the time I wrote this, several of my cousins were serving in the Middle East and abroad in the military. My father, grandfathers, great grandfathers and great-great grandfathers all secured my right to freedom in the course of their decorated military service. They were shot, blown up, beaten, imprisoned and hated by their enemies. I will not dishonor the memory of my heroes by standing by, silently, while the freedom they fought for me to have is squandered away by the insidiousness of liberal hordes.

Defending their blood is my reasonable service. And, it is yours as well. Their weapons, in defending us from evil, were their bodies and the machinery of war. Ours, in defending them, are the implements of the freedom they have given us including the right to free speech, the right for redress of grievances and a right to confidence in our leaders. The blood ransom forfeited by my father and my grandfathers deserve better than someone from such a corrupt hypogeum like Obama.

As illegitimate children of the 1960’s, Obama and I were made keenly aware of the lost, selfish generation of our parents. We see the destructive consequences to our society because of their moral collapse and lack of virtue. Their rebellion against our grandparents removed the protective measures needed by subsequent generations to survive in a hostile world full of radical enemies who do not share their casual attitude about sexuality, substance abuse and public incivility.

Global terrorists and religionist murderers gain tremendous political force behind the baby-boomer’s drug-induced fantasy of world peace. The blood thirsty enemies of America count on the distorted views of these liberal millions to promote cowardice and preach an unwillingness to resist our own destruction.It’s ironic that the Greatest Generation was able to defeat the scourge of Nazi fascism on a global scale, yet they were unable to prevent the deranged radicalization of their own disdainful children. The baby-boom generation took the freedom ransomed by the blood of their parents and mutated it into an abomination of twisted ideology promoting self gratification and intoxicated debauchery…then they were allowed to reproduce.

Today, tragically, many of Obama’s and my generation have also fallen victim to this genetic corruption and destruction of decency.Instead, Obama and I bear the semblance of identification with our maternal grandparents because we both believe they are truly honorable in their demonstration of selflessness toward us. And, we both are commanded by grace to honor them in their love for us. They were our surrogate parents taking hold of our lives in the absence of adequate guidance, filling the gaps and providing for the basic, most essential needs of life.

At a critical time in our lives, Obama and I had to make a difficult choice. Perhaps this choice was made during our travels abroad, or maybe it was made during the years of isolation in college away from home. As a result, Obama and I began to oppose our chains, seeking refuge and prosperity in what many might consider the extremities of intellectuality and social causes. Afterward, we both emerged upon our respective paths toward very different fields of life divided by a very definitive ideological line.

When confronted by liberals about my motives in writing this book, I tell them that I have no more confidence in the reasons Obama has given me for his legitimacy to be president than they had in the reasons George Bush gave them for his legitimacy. I am just as right about my view, as they are about theirs, and there is nothing they can say or do which will change my mind. We can dance around the semantics and dismiss the specifics to our heart’s content, but in the end, the truth is always right.

The odd lack of ability on the part of the liberal left to embrace the reality of Obama’s situation is a phenomenon of hysterical, if not historical, proportions. They just cannot seem to imagine a world without Barack Obama being the president. His disqualification would be their apocalypse and the end of their reasons to live. However, the simplicity of the matter is that Obama can still be everything they want him to be. He can be the multicultural, globally loved, radical liberal, agent of epic change they need. He can serve in our government and be a significant leader in the historical relevance of legislative change. The only thing he cannot do in America is be our President. I am more than willing to accept the consequences for being wrong.

If Obama comes forward with irrefutable, documented information, based on the commonly held American sources and verification, confirmed by a thorough collaboration of facts and testimony, I will write another book retracting what I claim in this book about his identity. If he does this, I will publicly admit to being wrong.

I hope this book is informative for anyone who didn’t know the actual story about Obama’s ambiguous claim to political legitimacy. I also desire that readers are able to appreciate the connective nature between several seemingly benign concepts and events.

I want the author of “Dreams From My Father” to know that my father had dreams too. But, I also want him to know that the price my fathers paid for me was more expensive than the price his father paid for him. The blood and tears of my fathers have been shed across the face of the earth. From the fields of Antietam, to the islands of Haiti, to the beaches of Normandy, to the jungles of Vietnam, to the deserts of North Africa, to the mountains of Afghanistan…I am an American son.

Remember to ask the essential questions:

If a sitting president is unwilling to disclose documents containing basic biographical information about his natal, migratory, residential, educational and professional history, should he be trusted in his conveyance of crucial information related to national security, the economy and federal law?

Does ambiguity in a president’s identity, coupled with an unwillingness to disclose fundamental information about his history, when it relates to Constitutional eligibility, dishonor the blood-ransomed sacrifice by vintage Americans?

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